April, 19, 2004
For the second time in a decade, Arnaldo Castellucci has created the best endodontic textbook in the world. Perhaps the reason for this assertion is that ENDODONTICS addresses the one word that best describes endodontics in this first decade of the third millennium. That word is CHANGE. Arnaldo Castellucci addresses this change, teaches us how to learn from this change and then challenges us, all of us, to embrace endodontic change.
This unprecedented work presents new ways of thinking and the changes in 21st Century endodontic technologies. Castellucci’s trilogy of endodontics is a practical and profound filter for the modern endodontic clinician to learn why, when, and how to experience newfound clinical artistry based on proven biologic principles.
ENDODONTICS differentiates itself as a significant endodontic resource in five critically distinctive domains.
First, its author, Arnaldo Castellucci, is a towering figure in the development of advanced endodontics throughout the world, particularly in Europe. His 25-year love affair with endodontics is characterized by clinical excellence, sacrifice, ethics, integrity and a desire to teach in a way that his students feel reverence for their endodondic experience. In addition, his students learn essential knowledge and skills. Arnaldo has established a rich legacy of producing the highest quality of education for his students’ learning. ENDODONTICS is an expression of his dedication to making that difference.
Second, ENDODONTICS combines the art and science of clinically relevant modern endodontics. From the evolutionary history to endodontic pretreatment in Volume I, cleaning and shaping and 3D obturation in Volume II, and interdisciplinary endodontics to restoration in Volume III, readers who benefit the most are the ones who understand the principles of this book. Doctors will then be able to adjust their treatment and treatment planning as technologies change and knowledge grows.
Third, Arnaldo Castellucci has assembled an impressive list of contributors. Each is a great teacher and a great thinker.
These authors are a credit to Arnaldo’s vision of comprehensive endodontics that teaches not only endodontic principles and techniques but the relationship of endodontics to esthetic and restorative dentistry.
Fourth, the sheer volume of knowledge and thoroughness of every subject makes ENDODONTICS an unmatched one-stop endodontic reference.
Finally, the first edition of ENDODONTICS was largely a reflection of Professor Herbert Schilder’s teachings and words. In Castellucci’s second book, Schilder’s influence continues in Castellucci Style.
And so it is with love, possibility, and an “if I can do it, you can do it” context that Arnaldo Castellucci has written this modern endodontic textbook. If read from cover to cover, the reader learns successful endodontics and is challenged to want more. Arnaldo invites us to make endodontics playful. And then endodontics will be fun.
Every professional, at some time in their career, feels the need to do more than what is required of them. They want to excel. They want to master their craft and have that mastery impact their lives through performance and fulfillment at the highest level possible in their field. ENDODONTICS is that invitationit is the invitation to go beyond our self.
John D. West, DDS, MSD
Affiliate Associate Professor
University of Washington School of Endodontics
Clinical Instructor
Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine